To meet the increasing demand for professional and independent valuations of art and antique objects for various purposes, Art Valuations was founded in 2015. With certified and dedicated valuation experts combining over 100 years of experience at the highest market level.

As you can expect from any professional valuation expert you will get a clear and illustrated overview of your objects, after a brief inventarisation and based on the visit and inspection on location by a certified and dedicated valuer, on paper and/or digital. What makes us different, is that each of our valuers is specialised per discipline (paintings, furniture, silver etc) for 30+ years and therefore very knowledgable. On top of that we carry out (art) historical research of invidual objects or consult authorities in the field if required. We never settle for a first impression. 

If there is a need, we offer you a one-stop shop. If you consider to buy or sell an object, we can advise you on the highest level with our other company, Art Consult. In this case Art Valuations can offer you favourable conditions for your valuation.  For more information about Art Consult, we refer to the website of Art Consult